Covid-19 – The most expensive vaccine marketing campaign in history

In India, Hydroxychloroquine is used as a preventive treatment for all healthcare professionals and relatives of covid-19 infected with excellent results in terms of...

Jacob Nordangård on the Rockefeller quest for control using the Corona crisis and other...

Jacob Nordangård authored the book 'Rockefeller – Controlling the Game' which goes into how the Rockefeller family built their empire and how they've been...

Naomi Seibt – How to become a Climate realist

Naomi Seibt goes into how she became a Climate realist and on how you can tackle the climate alarmist movement. Support her work here: Follow...

SyrianGirl explains the US agenda in the Middle East and analyzes current events

SyrianGirl comments on current events like the US conflict with Iran and the climate movement.

Shambala Warrior Circles

We are the Shambala Warriors. This is the time to join together and multiply our strength. ☯ I want you to have the best possible...

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George Carlinvideo

George Carlin warns humanity

Legendary philosopher and comedian George Carlin warns us of the hidden forces that rule and own everything.

SOLUTIONS - How we create a better world


The Secret of Oz

What's going on with the world's economy? Foreclosures are everywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing - and this may only be the beginning. Could it be...

WISED UP - About the movement


Hit piece documentary: The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden

A TV-program from 2010 (hit-piece) made by Swedish TV4 about The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden and also in other parts of the world....