How did the conflict in Syria start?

In 2011 the Syrian conflict started, it has since then turned millions of people into refugees and caused hundred of thousands dead. In the...

US backed militia burning wheat crops in Syria

Since some time US backed Kurdish militia have been burning wheat crops in Syria on a massive scale. Before it started the think tank...

Syrian Girl about the conflict in Syria and how it will likely end

Syrian Girl (Maram Susli) gives a complete picture of what's happening in Syria and what's the likely outcome. She also comments on Trumps change...

Anthony J Hilder dead

Anthony J Hilder that has exposed the global elite since the 1960s passed away yesterday. During his life he made many documentaries and was...

Mads Palsvig about freedom of speech, globalism and 5G

Mads Palsvig, leader of the Danish political party JFK21 held a speech in Malmö during a yellow vest manifestation. He discussed among other things...

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Power, politics and propaganda

"One of the leading intellectual and media figures of the twentieth century was journalist and presidential adviser Walter Lippmann.  He thought that people in...

SOLUTIONS - How we create a better world

Konstantin Meylvideo

Technical proof that Scalar Waves exist

Prof. Meyl is the leading scalar wave researcher, teacher and researcher in physics at a university in southern Germany. Because of the more than...

WISED UP - About the movement


Hit piece documentary: The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden

A TV-program from 2010 (hit-piece) made by Swedish TV4 about The 9/11 Truth movement in Sweden and also in other parts of the world....