Proposal for mandatory vaccination in Sweden turned down – for the moment


The Swedish Parliament said no to mandatory vaccination. Expect a new push in the near future.

Recently, European countries have had outbreaks of measles. This also applies to Sweden but very few compared to Italy with 2220 cases.

Voices for mandatory vaccination has been raised in both countries.

Corriere della Sera reported that the Italian minister for health Beatrice Lorenzin is said to be working on a new law making it a requirement in order to go to school. Palazzo Chigi denies it but is clearly considering the idea.

In Sweden proposal for mandatory vaccination was put forward to the Swedish Parliament by Sofia Arkelsten and Jesper Skalberg Karlsson, MPs from the Moderate Party. On May 4 it was rejected. The reason was more rational than anything else.

MP Anders W Jonsson (Centre Party) said:

”There is nothing that speaks for us to go that way. We have a very high vaccination rate in Sweden. No law is required for that. However, more information is needed. It is for me personally obvious to vaccinate their children. I have difficulty understanding the parents who take the risk of not doing it.”

The general view in Sweden on vaccination is positive. Mainstream media are often promoting the benefits of vaccination, neglecting negative facts and condemning those against. Hence Swedish parents are unaware of the risks and the epidemic of autism among children in America.

Despite having a controlled mainstream media in bed with the deep state, as most other countries in the West, being a rational group thinking people with severe political correctness, the view in Sweden on basic individual rights is strong. Perhaps even stronger than in the US, despite what you have heard in the debate regarding immigration and political correctness. A paradox, yes, but something that might have played a role in the rejection of mandatory vaccination.

With an enough rational position and anger in society that can change. Young parents have been made scared not to vaccinate, are afraid of measles and have been raising their voices in anger against those few who are not vaccinated blaming them for the outbreaks. Under the right conditions individual rights can easily give away. We are getting closer to that point.

It’s the boiling frog phenomena. If someone 30 years ago said that every regular snail mail had to be opened and read by the government people would have been outraged. Nowadays people seems to accept the surveillance state without too much fuss. Same thing is happening with our rights to our children and bodies using mandatory vaccination as the Trojan horse.

It’s the same push all over the world with California’s SB 277 as a model. The similarities in explanations, proposal, in how mainstream media report on it, scaring people, it’s logical to see it as a coordinated effort.

There are several valid explanations for why. As always money is one of them but we must not be afraid to be conspiratorial.

Knowing the pharmaceutical industry and United Nations 2030 Agenda, basically a plan to control the people of the world (e g implementing universal legal identity), nobody would be surprised if there was a malicious underlying agenda to shift the responsibility over our children from parents to the state. Crazy but fully possible. Almost likely considering all other evidence on the table.

The High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Agenda described the provision of legal identity as “one of the most basic institutional responsibilities”
A New Global Partnership, UN

Sweden is a strong believer in and loyal to the UN. If there is such a sinister agenda expect a new push for mandatory vaccination here in Sweden further down the road.

By the way, a strive for total control and a world government, that by definition can not be democratic, also explains the changes we are seeing in the monetary system going to a cashless society. Sadly Sweden has taken a lead in this effort with fewer and fewer places taking cash and people accept it. With that in mind it’s a bad sign for what could happen with mandatory vaccination.