Kate Clover – Channel Zero

The debut single Channel Zero by Kate Clover is inspired by old PSAs and the French New Wave and nods to Project MKUltra.

NufffRespect – Open Your Mind

Occult symbolism is hidden in many very known brands and is frequently used in entertainment and by the elite.

Prince dead at age 57, known for talking about controversial topics like chemtrails

Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, died 21st of April. Prince did not shy away from controversial topics, here is an interview where he talks...

The ocult backgound behind Prometheus explained

Here is the occult background of the movie Prometheus. Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods and have it to man, he also had a brother...
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Alan Watt on Reality Bytes Radio about the hidden agenda in the music industry

Alan Watt that himself worked in the music industry for a long time explains how the elite have used music to carry out social...