Pizzagate: The Mysterious Death Of A Human Trafficking Investigator


The United Nations, after roughly six years has finally apologized for bringing the ongoing cholera outbreak to Haiti following the 2010 7.0 Earthquake that struck southwest of Port-au-Prince and devastated the already suffering island nation. The UN continues to deny that their Nepalese contingent unleashed the cholera outbreak, even arguing that the cause was unimportant. The spreading cholera outbreak has killed at least 9,300 Haitians and infected 800,000 more and is currently spreading like a pandemic to the Dominican Republic and Cuba. This was the first time in Haitian history that cholera had reached Haiti according to Professors at Duke University.

Oddly enough on November 14th, the Laboratory to combat Human Trafficking reported that Monica Peterson, investigating the Clinton’s involvement in Haiti for the Human Trafficking Center mysteriously died the day before. Peterson had been highly critical of the Clinton Foundation writing on her blog ”Hillary Clinton should get far more scrutiny for her scandalous conduct in Haiti; from rigging the March 2011 presidential election for her favored candidate Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly (supporter of the CIA created death squad FRAPH) to insuring that her brother Tony Rodham and “a company that barely exists” got a “sweetheart gold mine concession in Haiti” that “royally cheated” the state of Haiti.” In a letter to her friend Peterson had uncovered “Two huge trafficking scandals, a social displacement scandal with billions in unaccounted Earthquake aid” leading directly back to the Clintons. She had just begun investigating the correlation regarding the Clinton Foundation’s Caracol Industrial Park Complex and its connection to a Human Trafficking network when her life was cut short. Something doesn’t add up.