How to promote Sweden around the world


The Swedish agency Swedish Institute, subordinate to the State Department, have a mission of ”promoting Sweden around the world”.

Well, that has failed. Their list of blocked Twitter users from other countries has been made public. A few bad apples but also normal people that can not be labeled as extremists unless you are on the far left and irrationally see everything else as fascism.

Hate speech is a problem no matter how you look at it and no matter your political views. We clearly need more love and compassion in the world, not least from the left. The establishment and mainstream media is to blame. Pushing their own one world agenda without informing the rest of us, suppressing peoples opinions and emotions, eventually creates hatred.

It’s one thing to block real extreme opinions, another to stop freedom of speech. Perhaps trying to reach out to and create a dialog with people that view Sweden in a negative light would be a better way of promoting Sweden and Swedish values around the world.

Better that than having journalist Tim Pool, who is on the list but definitely not a right-wing extremist, with a lot of followers on YouTube and social media calling Sweden creepy.