Right Livelihood Award is given to White Helmets – price money may go to weapons


The decision to give the Right Livelihood Award to the White Helmets has shocked all who are familiar with what is going on in Syria (attempts at regime change, a plan that was on the drawing board back in 2001), who this group is, or appears to be, and their close ties to ISIS.

White Helmets are most likely one of the West created intelligence and propaganda operation started by former British soldier James Le Mesurier in March 2013. The organization get financial support from the United States through USAID (often a front for the CIA) with 23 million dollars.

If you believe Vanessa Beeley, a journalist who has just come back from Aleppo with deep knowledge of what happens, the White Helmets is part of ISIS. The prize money could therefore go to buy weapons.

In other words, this year’s Right Livelihood Award goes to ISIS.