Sibel Edmonds: Syrians were trained in 2011 on US base in Turkey to create IS


ISIS might be behind the attack in Paris, but who is behind ISIS? Everything indicates that the group is a creation of the hidden government in the West with the help of the paramilitary organization Gladio B, the reason why they bear the ultimate responsibility for the attack.

In an interview by Global Research by whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds that since September 11 this year has information claiming that people from Syria were trained by units of Gladio B at a US base in southern Turkey in 2011, to form the backbone of ISIS with the goal of destabilizing with terrorism Syria and later Central Asia with Russia as the ultimate goal.

Gladio B is one of the hidden government controlled paramilitary networks in the West within the framework of NATO with intelligency personnel, mercenaries, and similar. The continuation of Operation Gladio started as a so called stay-behind movement during the Cold War to facilitate guerrilla warfare and resistance to a possible Soviet invasion. Sweden also participated (participates?) in this network.

Gladio may have started on a good and benevolent grounds but seem wholly or partly become a tool of the hidden government since World War II with a fascist agenda. Groups within this network orchestrated elements of terrorism in Europe during the Cold War. The bombing of the Bologna train station in 1980, a deed attributed to Gladio.

According to Sibel Edmonds, the Turkish unit of Gladio B within the Pentagon is the largest. The network moves probably like mafia operations, disloyal to nations and democracies outside the established frameworks, allowing most of the visible and legitimate part of NATO, and Swedish defense.

The information that indicates financial and military support to ISIS from the West is now becoming more established. Below is an excerpt from a report by the US Defense Intelligence Agency 2012:

”The west, the Gulf countries, and Turkey [who] support the [Syrian] opposition … there is the Possibility of Establishing a Declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (hasaka and der zor), and this is exactly what the Supporting powers to The opposition want, in order to isolate the syrian regime … ”

The United States and Britain ignored Russia’s attempt to peaceful development in 2012 with proposals for Assad’s departure, that the West bombed ISIS for a long time without real results and that the US does not provide to Russia information on ISIS positions, show a greater underlying geopolitical agenda with ISIS and power over Syria that plays a central role.

Source: Silencing a whistle-blower, B Gladio and the Origins of ISIS. Sibel Edmonds

James Bamford, Daniel Ellsberg, Paul Newman, Phil Giraldi, Senator Grassley and others give their support to Sibel Edmonds.