SyrianGirl explains the US agenda in the Middle East and analyzes current events


SyrianGirl comments on current events like the US conflict with Iran and the climate movement, bondage nudecamshd com.

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Some of the main topics covered in the video:
* Iran attack on US Iraqi base
* Assassination of Soleimani
* US sponsored protests in Iraq and Iran
* What’s behind the US agenda in the Middle East?
* Why is US occupying oil fields in Syria and Iraq?
* What’s Israels role in the region?
* Terrorists in Syrian now going to fight in Libya
* What does the Jeffrey Epstein mean?
* What’s behind the Greta Thunberg movement?
* CIA coup to overthrow Erdogan
* What will happen in Syria the next six months to a year
* Should there be a Kurdistan?
* Is women’s rights a reason to go to war?
* How can people make a difference

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